Create Customer Loyalty

Drive repeat business while growing your customer base

ShareSomeFriends is the perfect tool for small businesses to create and manage an effective customer loyalty program.

At the point of sale, new customers can be incentivized to refer your business to their friends through ShareSomeFriends. Not only will the customer’s friends receive a promotional message about your business, but you will capture the names, phone numbers and emails of the referred friends to use for business development.

Moreover, you can communicate with existing customers through the notifications feature of ShareSomeFriends. Push notifications sent through ShareSomeFriends are an effective way to alert your customers of upcoming sales and special offers as well as provide information about new ShareSomeFriends campaigns. By informing customers of special deals and offering them incentives and discounts for sharing them with their friends, you’ll drive more repeat business to your shop while simultaneously expanding your customer base.

Best of all, using ShareSomeFriends is simple, so setting up and managing your program takes just moments!

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