Reach Referrals Using Custom Audiences

So you’ve recently generated A TON of referrals using ShareSomeFriends.  You have scrubbed the list and your sales team is now working through the qualified leads doing their utmost to turn them into new customers.

The question is: What else can you do?

Answer:  Create a custom audience using the name, email and/or cell phone numbers you have gathered to advertise to these new leads via Facebook and other social platforms.  This is an effective way to ensure your message reaches these potential customers before and after your sales team has made contact.

Creating a custom audience on Facebook is quite easy. In the upper left of the Ads Manager page, click the menu icon and select Audiences. Then click Create Audience > Custom Audience > Customer File > Add customers from your own file or copy and paste data. 

You’ll see the 15 identifiers that Facebook allows. You can choose to upload a file of your referrals, or just copy/paste the cell phone numbers of the 10,000 referrals you have into the system, give the new audience a name and hit Next.

Facebook will automatically match those phone numbers with the associated Facebook accounts and you can then create an ad that targets those specific people. What’s more, you can ask Facebook to create a “lookalike” audience based on your new custom audience, a feature that might help you uncover even more business.

By creating a custom audience from your list of referrals, you’ve just amplified the positive impact your direct phone and SMS follow-up methods can have. It’s simple to implement and you can explore the possibilities presented by other social sharing platforms if they suit your goals.

Learn more about creating a Custom Audience on Facebook.