How It Works

Here is how ShareSomeFriends Works:



1. Create a Campaign

Login to your ShareSomeFriends account on our site and create a campaign with a campaign ID.


How to Create a Campaign 40 secs Giff


2. Your Customers Download the App


Tell your customers to download the ShareSomeFriendsApp (Android/iOS).


Google and App Store


3. Your Customers Enter Campaign ID


Tell your customers to enter the campaign ID that you created in step 1.


Share Some Friends App Home Screen


4. Your Customers Refer People to Your Business


Your customers then select the friends/co-workers/family members on their contact list and easily refer them to your business through the app.



5. You got referral leads, hooray!


Call, email, or target your referrals through Google/Facebook ads. Or check out our list of 11 Ways to Convert Your Referral Leads.


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