ShareSomeFriends Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The process is super simple:
  1. Login to your ShareSomeFriends account on our site and create a campaign with a campaign ID.
  2. Ask your customers to download the ShareSomeFriendsApp (Android/iOS).
  3. Customers then enter the campaign ID that you created in step 1.
  4. Your customers then select the friends/co-workers/family members on their contact list and easily refer them to your business through the app.
  5. You got referral leads, hooray!
A user is your customer that refers their friends to your business using the ShareSomeFriends app.
That's up to you. Each business can choose to provide an incentive to customers who refer friends. ShareSomeFriends is an open system in this regard, allowing each Account Holder the freedom to reward customers in the way that makes the most sense.
ShareSomeFriends is the simplest way to get your happy customers to refer their friends right from the contact list on their phone. The app is super simple to use and can be used by any business in any industry. Other referral apps and programs out there are geared towards eCommerce and work through Social Media only.
Depending on iPhone settings as well as each cellular carrier's policy, some iPhones could render a campaign's promotional text as a group message in which recipients can "reply all." This is a great way to get a discussion going about your promotion, yet some iPhone users may prefer to send individual SMS messages to each recipient.

To ensure that a campaign message is sent to each selected phone contact as an individual SMS message, iPhone users should take the following action:

Go into Settings > Messages and then:
1. Disable iMessage
2. Disable Group Messaging
3. Disable MMS messaging

These simple actions will ensure that campaign messages are sent as individual SMS text messages and the recipients will not see the other responses others referred.

Note that all Android devices send the campaign message as an individual SMS.
Yes, it’s super simple to export your referrals. Just log in to your account on our site, click “Referrals”, and click “Export”.
There are numerous ways to reach out to your referrals.  
  1. Exports your referrals and call them
  2. Export your referrals and send them an email
  3. Export your referral emails and target them through ads on Google or social media.
Here are 11 more ways to convert your referral leads.
ShareSomeFriends can replace your existing program or it can complement it -- it just depends on your referrals goals and how you intend to achieve them. If you currently have a referral program where you use social media or offer rewards to your customers, then ShareSomeFriends could help you get more leads and add more people to the program.
When trial account expires, your campaigns become inactive. To reactivate them, just log into your account and upgrade to a paid plan.
When you reach the limit on your account your customers will be able to continue making referrals but you will not be able to export any more referrals until you upgrade your account.
That’s probably because you reached your account limit and are only seeing the allowable number of campaigns, users, and referrals. Please upgrade your account to view and export all of your data. You can do that by clicking Account > Plan.