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How clients are using the ShareSomeFriends referral-based lead generation platform

Talent Acquisition: Finding Talent for a Growing Company

Identifying and the hiring the right talent is among the biggest challenges companies face. That’s why many small and large businesses offer incentives for current employees to refer friends and acquaintances who may fit the company’s needs. Yet the referral process is often laborious and demanding which diminishes the impact of the entire effort.

ShareSomeFriends makes it easy for current employees to refer contacts and friends directly from their cellphone. What’s more, the status of those referrals appears within the app, so employees know if someone has been accepted in the firm and an incentive is due. Such transparency is great for employees, essential for employers, and simply implemented using the ShareSomeFriends referral platform.


Travel Industry: Generate Leads for a Travel Program

In the summer of 2017, thousands of college-aged travelers enjoyed a 10-day tour associated with one of the world’s largest international travel programs. One of the ongoing challenges for the program is to continue to attract additional participants, year after year. While word of mouth helped establish the travel program nearly two decades ago, over time traditional methods used to generate new leads were falling short.  A new way was needed, and the ShareSomeFriends referral-based lead generation platform was tapped for a pilot roll-out to a subset of  1800 student tourists.

The results were staggering.

Over 20,500 unique leads were generated by 932 tourists

Over 50% of the program participants used ShareSomeFriends to refer over 20,500 potential new participants for future programs. These unique leads were gathered in short interactions with groups of between 40 and 200 students at a time.  Coupled with an effective lead follow up process, ShareSomeFriends is proving to be the key to the organization’s continued growth and success.


Conventions & Seminars: Generating Leads at a Convention

The “Onward Connections Day” convention brought together 1200 young adults together for a day of professional and personal networking.  In an effort to build up the convention’s client base for future gatherings, the organizers decided to use the ShareSomeFriends platform.  The convention goers, who hailed from cities across the United States, were offered a $5 Amazon Gift Card to refer friends they thought might be interested in joining a future Onward Connections program or gathering.

Over 10,500 referrals — and potential new customers — were generated in the space of the six hour convention

Over the day-long conference, over 245 of the attendees had downloaded the ShareSomeFriends mobile referral app and provided the Onward Connections organization with over 10,500 leads!  The organization now has the ability to directly reach out to these potential new conference goers through phone, text or email and can create a ‘custom audience’ on Facebook in order to target them with advertisements for future events.


Customer Loyalty: New Restaurant

A cozy new restaurant needed a quick and simple way to both establish a customer a loyalty program as well as help them spread the word about their establishment. They chose ShareSomeFriends for this purpose. Learn how they have set up the program below.

An Incentive for Spreading the Word
Before the check is presented to the customer at the end of the meal, the waiter offers the customer an opportunity to receive a discount off their bill if they will tell their friends about the restaurant using the ShareSomeFriends app.

If the customer agrees and downloads ShareSomeFriends, they are prompted to enter the restaurant’s account name which the waiter provides. The customer then selects friends from among their personal contacts that they believe would enjoy the eatery and sends those friends the promotional message that the restaurant has crafted within the admin panel of their ShareSomeFriends Account for this purpose and that message includes information about the restaurant as well as a coupon as an incentive for them to visit. The customer’s friends receive the SMS message and are both pleased to learn about the restaurant and happy to receive a coupon for use if they decide to visit.

Increasing Loyalty and Repeat Business,
Since the customer has downloaded the ShareSomeFriends app, the waiter then informs the customer that the restaurant will also send the customer notices about special deals, happy hours and discounts to the those happy customers who have referred friends to the establishment. The restaurant uses the app’s push notification feature to reward their most loyal customers and encourage them to visit again.


  • Benefits the customer who enjoys an on the spot discount for sharing friends as well as additional offers they will receive when the restaurant sends notification to its participants customers.
  • Benefits the referred friends who learn about the restaurant and possess a coupon for a visit
  • Benefits the restaurant by having happy customers spread the word about it to their friends and has a database of their most enthusiastic and loyal customers (and their friends), with whom they can communicate to generate repeat business.

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