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The only lead capture app that provides customer-vetted leads

There are plenty of referral methods designed for ecommerce sites that generate buzz and even revenue through social media sharing. But the problem is they don’t generate leads – potential customer names, phone numbers and emails – with whom a company can follow-up. Therefore, businesses whose sales are primarily generated offline between two or more actual human beings often struggle with implementing a successful referral program, as do companies whose revenues are driven by a sales team, even when offering incentives.

If your company needs vetted, customer-generated leads to follow up with by phone or email, enjoys the benefit of doing business face-to-face, or uses sales people to close deals, then the ShareSomeFriends lead capture app is perfect for you.

By using ShareSomeFriends, your customer service or sales team members provide customers a simple and convenient way to share friends with your business. Since the contact information of the customer and of the friends is captured in the referral process, you gain the names, phone numbers and emails your business needs for effective follow-up.

What’s more, as part of the referral process, you can opt to have a promotional text message you craft sent by the customer to the friends they refer. This means your interaction with the new lead is preceded by a communication from a trusted source – their friend and your new customer. There’s no other lead capture app like ShareSomeFriends.

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