World Travel is Back & Tour Companies are Gearing Up

One of the world’s largest international travel initiatives, Birthright Israel, is slated to come back on-line in a big way this winter! After testing the waters with summer trips—many of which scheduled for the popular late summer travel period were canceled—the 20-something year-old free travel program for students and young adults is planning to bring thousands of students from North America to Israel on ten-day tours starting in December 2021.  This is big news for the tourist industry in Israel who have been reeling from the long drought of tourists that COVID and travel policies inflicted.

As the the tour companies of Birthright Israel gear up to welcome tourists back, most are also planning to make the most of this moment to rebuild market-share and attract tens-of-thousands additional participants for the popular summer travel period.  How? Word of mouth, assisted by ShareSomeFriends.

Savvy Israeli tour companies who run Birthright trips have always known that “word of mouth” is the best and only cost-effective way to reach their US-based target market. And for years, gathering referrals from trip participants in Israel has been an key element in their recruitment efforts. Over time, every method of this has been tried — pen and paper, web-forms, emails, and, of course, social media.

Once ShareSomeFriends was introduced, however, the tour companies abandoned those “clunky” methods and have adopted en masse the app’s use. The results have been incredible, with many hundreds of targeted, high-quality referrals being generated by each bus group, and tens-of-thousands of referrals made in a short 3-month trip season. More importantly, the referrals yield great results with a plurality of the referred students joining future Birthright trips.

At ShareSomeFriends, we’re thrilled to be a part of this amazing success and look forward to international travel throughout the world opening up—wide—soon!