A No Message Campaign?

There are as many ways to generate leads as there are to follow-up with leads generated.   Some organizations prefer to have the customers do the reaching out — by sending a link or text message about their product or service. Admittedly, this is an effective method, but many customers are uncomfortable promoting a product or service personally, especially if the referred friends surmise that you will be rewarded for referring them. So what is the solution?

Why not offer customers a way to refer friends and stay out of the follow-up fray?  With ShareSomeFriends, such an option is available through out unique “No Message Campaign.” The No Message Campaign offers account holders the ability to gather referrals from customers but relieve them of all the follow-up effort.  When you think about this, it makes perfect sense. If your business has a lead follow-up process and strategy, it is much better equipped to do the requisite prospecting work, and can therefore gain greater results by taking action directly.

The way that a company reaches out to leads provided by customers varies within each industry. Some will reach out directly by phone or text message while ensuring that the relevant laws and requirements in doing so are met. Others will try indirect methods such as creating ‘custom audiences’ on social media to serve ads or “dropping” voice mails onto the phones of referrals.

Regardless of the method, a No Message Campaign allows the business to capitalize on the willingness of customers to make referrals while leaving the follow-up to the organizations who are best suited to do so.