Next Gen Referral Capabilities

ShareSomeFriends has primarily been used as an in-person referral tool. Over the past couple of years, for reasons I would certainly like to leave unmentioned, in-person events and opportunities were, well, “limited.”  But as life roars back, we too at ShareSomeFriends are reinvigorated to roll-out our app to wider audiences so that customers and stakeholders of companies, organizations and individuals can refer friends using the simplest referral platform on the market.

So what do we have in store for our current and future clients?  For one, we have developed the ability to make referrals using the popular WhatsApp messaging service. As part of that process we have fully updated the app’s technology, making it more modern and flexible.

This means that soon we’ll be able to develop web-app functions that will let users scan a QR code to prompt download of the app with the campaign code such that users immediately can begin selecting friends to refer. This efficient short-cut will help drive adoption in markets that we have currently struggled to penetrate. This innovation will greatly simplify referrals made at the Point of Sale.

There are many other innovations we are working through we re-imagine the friend referral process! Join us now!